My Visa USA Blog by J. David Peña

J.David Peña & Associates offer a variety of resources for individuals and corporations with a specialty in representing foreign clients residing in the United States, as well as American clients residing abroad. J. David Peña & Associates is one of the most reliable source  of information  on immigration-related topics, such as law changes, government links, […]

Arizona, Virginia Address Illegal Immigration as Feds Continue to Look the Other Way

With the federal government’s persistent refusal to enforce immigration laws, state legislatures across the country continue to address the issue of illegal immigration on their own. Last week, the Virginia House of Delegates and the Arizona State Senate both passed enforcement-oriented legislation. On Monday, February 15, the Arizona State Senate passed Senate Bill (SB) 1070 […]







J. DAVID PEÑA & ASSOCIATES is an American law firm that specializes in representing foreign clients in the United States and American clients abroad.  Our expertise spans the following principal areas of international legal practice: immigration and nationality law (Investment and Work Visas), general corporate law, banking, real estate, investment and entertainment law.



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